Quality Abrasives Manufactured to Australian Standards
  • Choose from 11 grits
  • Ideal for auto-work, paint removal
  • Prevents clogging

Hook & Loop Velcro Sanding Discs – 2″ 50mm No Hole (Orbital Sander)

Excellent for auto work, car panel work, paint removal. Suitable for sanding at high speeds.
Prevents clogging and pill forming, thus achieving an optimal sanding result. Coarser grits are suitable for sanding putty and removing lacquers, whilst finer grits are ideal for sanding primers and lacquers.


Advantages of using Hook & Loop Sanding Discs:

Speed: Faster to change, or replace, hook and loop sanding discs on a sander. Just pull them off when you need to put on a new one. They are attached with Velcro, so they are easy to remove. Hook and loop sanding discs take just a few seconds to attach to a disc and stay very firmly seated. Removing them is simply a matter of pulling them off.

Reliability: Older styles of sanding discs are prone to failing. The adhesive might be weak on a stick-on sanding disc, making it useless very quickly. With a screw-in disc, tears from the center hole that can rip the disc apart are common. Hook and loop sanding discs aren’t prone to those failures The velcro keeps them secure and once positioned, they do not move easily.

Flexibility: Hook and loops sanding discs are available in all grits, making them ideal for all kinds of jobs on wood, metal and more.

Price: More affordable than other sanding discs on the market. These discs save time and results in fewer wasted discs.