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Linishing Sanding Belts – 915mm x 50mm (Zirconia)

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  • Made from lasting zirconia
  • Excellent for all steel, metal, copper
  • Grits available in 40, 60, 80 and 120
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Linishing Sanding Belts – 915mm x 50mm (Zirconia)

Smith & ARROW Linishing Belts are Made from Lasting Zirconia

Excellent for polishing, sanding, grinding and finishing stainless steel, mild / black steel, all metal, plastic, copper etc.

These belts are made from Zirconium which will last much longer than the brown Alumina Oxide linishing belts.

This is a commercial grade product that is of superior quality.


Recommended Grit Choice:
40 Grit: Aggressive grinding and weld removal
60 Grit: When medium grinding and finishing are required in one step
80 Grit: Light grinding with more emphasis on finishing
120 Grit: Extra fine surface finishing

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