Quality Abrasives Manufactured to Australian Standards
  • Choose 75mm or 100mm in carbon or stainless steel
  • 16mm hole for bench grinder
  • Heavy duty carbon steel bristles
  • Great for cleaning rust, paint and corrosion

Twist Wire Knot Wheel, Carbon or Stainless (for Bench Grinder)

  • 16mm hole
  • For a bench grinder
  • Heavy duty carbon steel bristles.
  • Great for cleaning rust, paint and corrosion from metal boats cars and welding surfaces.
  • Ideal for industrial applications and DIY jobs

Carbon or Steel ?

Steel wire wheel brushes use either carbon steel or stainless steel as the fill material. Carbon steel has good wear characteristics, cutting action, and fatigue resistance. Stainless steel resists wear, corrosion, high temperatures, and some chemicals.

Metal fabricators use steel wire wheel brushes for surface preparation, surface finishing, burr removal, weld cleaning, and rust and oxide removal. Wheel brushes with steel filaments aren’t just versatile, however. They’re also dependable. For example, steel wire tips remove contaminants, coatings, and surface imperfections without changing part dimensions. Steel wire brushes are also non-loading, which means that they won’t become clogged with debris.


Smith & ARROW is an international company that specifically engineers their products for rigorous commercial use. With a focus on manufacturing abrasives for the metal fabrication industry, Smith & ARROW has gone from strength to strength developing products of the highest quality for distribution to the four corners of the globe. We are constantly developing new products to add to our range. Our dedication to delivering high quality abrasives at exceptional prices to our customers, both large and small, is underpinned by a customer service ethos second to none. We deliver the highest quality, the best prices and exceptional service – our customers are everything to us.