What does “135 degree split point” mean?

Perhaps the most popular tip design has a “135 degree split point” design giving accurate starting  Drill Bit Split Point Tipwithout the use of a centre punch. Split-point bits almost completely eliminate “walking” as they are self-centring and therefore requires less thrust in drilling harder metal, eliminating chipping. The shaft of a quality split-point bit, like Smith & ARROW’s bits, features three grooves that lift away debris, allowing you to drill holes faster and with less chance of snags. These grooves continue all the way to the tip of the bit, where they cut into the tip’s cap, breaking the smooth surface. This creates a grooved bit tip that more easily anchors itself in the steel and keeps your bit on target.

The two most standard point angles are 118º and 135º. The 118º is generally used for drilling into soft material like wood. Although it can puncture through steel, this will also cause it to dull quicker. A 135º is typically used for drilling into hardened material.