What is an Auger Drill Bit?

Auger drill bits are bits used to drill holes into wood and other softer materials. They are similar to twist bits, but they have a large single flute to remove chips and a screw tip to help get started, stay centred and prevent walking. These drill bits come with a spiral drill bit head which, when drilling, is designed to pull the bit into the wood so you do not have to apply excessive pressure. The sharp spurs on the edges of an auger bit’s tip ensure that the hole is smooth and uniform all the way through. Auger bits do not require much downward pressure for them to bite into the workpiece and begin to cut. This is because the thread on the guide screw draws it through the wood. The wide, deep flighting of an auger bit allows for efficient evacuation of wood shavings and prevents the bore hole from becoming clogged as easily as it might with other drill bits. Auger bits are perfect for drilling deep holes because the large flute easily removes the waste material from the hole.