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Nylon Cable Ties For Sale:

2.5mm x 100mm rated 8kg holding force
2.5mm x 200mm rated 8kg holding force
3.6mm x 150mm rated 18kg holding force
3.6mm x 250mm rated 18kg holding force
4.8mm x 200mm rated 22kg holding force
4.8mm x 300mm rated 22kg holding force
7.6mm x 300mm rated 55kg holding force
Thickness: 2.5mm / 3.6mm / 4.8mm / 7.6mm
Material: Commercial Grade Nylon 66
UV Stabilised: Yes
Anti-Cut Safety Edge: Yes
Packaged: Poly Bags of 100
Certifications: CE, RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and UL
Nylon 66 UV Stabilized – the recommended material for exposure to ultraviolet (UV) sunlight. This product is recommended for use in applications of continuous or extended exposure to outdoor sunlight. This material meets UL 94V-2 flammability rating and has a working temperature range from -40 degrees F to 185 degrees F
Resistant to grease and oil-based products
Tensile rating, pliable and not brittle
Self locking fastener design
Many applications: home, office, garage, commercial construction, fencing, netting, cable management, bundling projects
Each tie features serrated “teeth” on one end, which function by locking inside the head, or pawl, located on the other side of the strap
Packaged in lots of 100 in strong Poly Bags