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Abrasive Cutting Discs Wheels

Our abrasive cutting wheels are excellent for cutting stainless steel, mild / black steel and all metal. Also good for aluminium fabricators.

This is a commercial grade product that is of superior quality – INOX quality which is of the highest level. Due to their high quality, these cutting wheels are known for cutting quickly with minimal wear. Great for stainless applications as well as mild steel and sheet metal. Multiple sizes and fits are available to suit many different angle grinders, die grinders and handheld or bench drop saws.

Our cutting disc wheels are available in 2” 50mm / 2.5” 60mm / 3” 75mm / 4” 100mm / 4.5” 115mm / 5” 125mm / 7” 180mm / 9” 225mm / 14” 350mm / 16” 400mm sizes, in a range of thicknesses. We specialise in 1mm thin cutting discs as well as ultra-thin sheet metal discs and thicker discs for heavy, industrial steel work.

We are the only Australian abrasives company where all our cutting discs are certified to the Australian Standard “5 Tick Mark”. This means our safety and quality are of the highest standard possible. Browse our selection of long-lasting cutting and grinding discs below.