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Shop All M35 & M2 Jobber Drill Bits

Smith & ARROW Twist Jobber Drill Bits come in M35 and M2. M35 is 5% cobalt. Metric & imperial. Metal HSS M35 is used for stainless steel (for mild / black steel, purchase our M2 drill bits).

These jobber drill bits feature fully ground, 135 degree split point bits that are designed for daily professional use in the workshop, or out in the field – they will not let your business down.

Our cobalt bits increases the strength of the steel and makes it more heat-resistant; this is an important factor in drilling hard materials because the friction of metal against metal can produce high temperatures that damage the material or the drill bit. They will perform and outlast normal HSS bits particularly if drilling tough metals. 135⁰ Split point cuts faster and reduces wandering and precision engineered shank ensures accurate hole size.

These bits are best for stainless steel (M35), mild steel (M2), all metal, aluminium, brass and plastic. Smith & ARROW manufactures single ended and double ended bits and they are considered the best bits in the market.