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Wire Brushes & Rotary Wheels

Smith & ARROW wire brushes allow for proper cleaning of base metal material before welding and between each pass. We sell carbon steel brushes for use on tempered steel, stainless steel brushes for stainless, and brass brushes for aluminum.

Smith & ARROW Wire Brushes are made for angle grinders, bench grinders and drills. We sell a range of brushes only for drill attachments, plus rotary brass wire wheels for bench grinders.  We also sell Scotch Brite products here.

If your base metal still needs sanding, use our Zirconia flap discs before these wire brushes.

Twist wire knot cups are excellent for all steel and metal and are designed for angle grinders. Stainless steel and carbon steel hand brushes are great for finishing and cleaning of steel welding elements. We also sell battery brushes for the auto industry.

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