5″, 125mm x 1.0mm – Metal Cutting Discs


5" 125mm Metal Cutting Discs
5" 125mm Metal Cutting Discs
125mm 5" Cutting Disc Video
5" 125mm Side Angle Cutting Disc
5" 125mm Cutting Disc
Cutting Disc SAI Certification
Box 10$2.00
Box 25$1.40
Box 50$0.96
Box 100$0.75
Box 200$0.70
Box 600$0.65
  • 125mm x 1mm x 22.23mm
  • Excellent for all steel, including stainless
  • Australian Certified by SAI Global
  • Inox quality for superior cutting
  • FAQs
    Cutting Discs

    INOX is a French abbreviation meaning stainless steel. Inox cutting wheels are iron (Fe) free which means they can be used on stainless steel as well as most other metals including mild steel, brass, aluminium etc. All Smith & ARROW cutting wheels are INOX grade.

    Size of Disc Maximum RPMs
    2”, 50mm 30,650rpm
    2.5”, 60mm 30,650rpm
    3”, 75mm 20,150rpm
    4”, 100mm 15,200rpm
    4.5”, 115mm 13,600rpm
    5”, 125mm 12,250rpm
    7”, 180mm 8,500rpm
    9”, 230mm 6,500rpm
    14”, 350mm 4,400rpm

    Smith & ARROW Cutting Wheels are designed for use on most metals including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminium, brass etc.

    1. AUSTRALIAN STANDARD AS1788.11987 by SAI Global – “5 Tick” Certified Product

    All cutting wheels have a “best by” date. These best by dates are printed on the wheel to comply with the manufacturing regulation, EN12413:2007 A1. This date is generally printed on the centre ring and is usually set at a maximum three years from the manufacture of the disc. The reason that all bonded abrasives have an expiry date is because they are manufactured using an organic / natural resin. This resin can be impacted upon over time by natural and environmental conditions. Smith & ARROW rotate all of our bonded abrasive stock through a first-in first-out (FIFO) stock management system to ensure we are always selling the very best quality product we can to our customers.

    Smith & ARROW Cutting Discs should be stored on a level shelf in an area that is cool and dry to minimise the impact of environmental conditions, and to maximum the life of the wheels. Bonded abrasives should never be hung on pegs because they are made with a natural organic resin and over time their shape may change through the forces of gravity, causing them to be out of balance and subsequently dangerous to use.

    An angle grinder must never be used without its safety guard under any circumstances. The guard is there to protect the user from fragments should a cutting or grinding wheel shatter or explode. There are many reasons why a cutting or grinding wheel, even if it is the correct size for that sized angle grinder may fail during use, and as such making sure the guard is never removed is critical to user safety. Accidents through the misuse of angle grinders injure and kill more people than any other power tool in Australia, and ensuring safety guards are kept in place while the tool is in use goes a long way towards preventing injury or death to Australian workers.

    For bonded wheels and discs, it is recommended to clamp type 41 cutting discs (type 41 is a normal flat cutting disc), always with the metal centre ring facing the machine flange. This ensures a flat contact surface and helps avoiding clamping failures. If there is no metal centre ring, then the side with the branding should face towards the machine flange.

    No, Smith & ARROW Cutting Discs are for cutting metal. If you need to cut concrete, stone or ceramics you need to purchase diamond cutting discs (super abrasives).

    By using the side of a cutting disc as a grinder, you are grinding away at fiberglass matting in the side of the wheel where the reinforcing is, which is not a safe thing to do as it could cause a catastrophic wheel failure. Smith & ARROW do offer grinding wheels and also a “3 in 1” cutting, grinding, blending wheel that you can use for both cutting and grinding. Find this multi-disc here.

    Smith & ARROW  do not offer comparisons of our products against other brands, however our user reviews on both our website and ebay reinforce the quality and reliability of our product not only in Australia, but around the world. Our absolute commitment to quality is backed up by Smith & ARROW being granted the use of the 5 TICK Quality Product Mark based on independent certification conducted by SAI Global against the Australian Standard for bonded abrasives AS 1788.1-1987 on all of our cutting and grinding wheels 100mm and larger.

    Yes, see our image gallery, or visit this link

    Different sizes tools eg. angle grinders, run at different speeds. For example, a 125mm 5″ angle grinder runs at almost twice the speed of a 230mm 9″ angle grinder. All bonded abrasive wheels such as cutting and grinding wheels will explode through centrifugal force if they are run at a speed higher than what they are rated at. Accidents through the misuse of angle grinders injure and kill more people than any other power tool in Australia.

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