4″ 100mm – Zirconia Flap Discs


5" 125mm Zirconia Flap Disc
5" 125mm Zirconia Flap Disc
5" 125mm Flap Disc Video
Box 5 $5.00
Box 10$3.20
Box 20$2.75
Box 40$2.50
Box 80$2.25
  • 100mm x 16mm
  • Zirconia, long-lasting quality
  • Choose 40, 60 , 80, 120, or Mixed Grit
  • Excellent for all steel, metal, plastic, copper
  • Type 29
  • FAQs
    Flap Discs

    How a flap disc performs is largely related to the abrasive material used and the grit size. There are three primary cutting grains used: aluminum oxide, zirconia alumina and ceramic alumina. The flaps wear away as the grains deplete, which exposes fresh and sharp grains below. Zirconia discs provide the most versatility for the lowest cost benefit. Although it is slightly more expensive upfront than an aluminium oxide flap disc, zirconia is more heat resistant, tough and durable, and maintains its sharpness for a longer period of time. Zirconia discs will last at least three times as long as the brown aluminium oxide discs.

    These discs perform well on stainless steel, all other steel, aluminium, wood, plastic and fibreglass.

    The shape of the flap disc, whether conical (Type 29) or flat (Type 27), provides different performance features. Smith & ARROW flap discs are Type 29. The flap disc generally have two shapes, which includes curved and flat. The flat type is also called T27 type, and the curved type generally refers to T29 type. Flat (T27) has smooth grinding surface and is mainly used to grind the plane and the outside corners. The angle between the flat flap disc and the grinding work-piece during work can be grinded and polished at one time, reducing the work flow. The grinding surface of the curved flap disc (T29) has an upward curvature, which gives the T29 flap disc a better cutting ability in the plane. When working, the T29 grinding wheel has an angle of 15° to 25° with the grinding surface. It is mainly used for grinding of contours and edges. When the speed and cutting ability have higher requirements, the T29 type flap disc is undoubtedly the best choice.

    Yes, these zirconia discs will work very effectively on stainless steel. Zirconia alumina itself is a poly crystalline crystal with fast cutting speed, self-sharpening, strong ability to withstand high pressure and high temperature. Therefore, zirconia alumina flap discs have strong cutting ability and long service life and are perfect for stainless steel.

    Smith & ARROW Flap Discs have four grits ranging between 40 grit and 120 grit. Your selection of grit will depend on the work you need to complete.

    • 40 Grit: Aggressive grinding and weld removal (very popular)
    • 60 Grit: When medium grinding and finishing are required in one step
    • 80 Grit: Light grinding with more emphasis on finishing
    • 120 Grit: Extra fine surface finishing

    The best way to have abrasive products retain maximum performance and work life is to store them properly. The bonding and backing materials used in Flap Discs are sensitive to changes in temperature and humidity. They are best stored at temperature levels of 16 to 27ºC. Flap Discs should be kept in their cartons until you are ready to use them, and the cartons should be kept away from heat sources, cold walls, and off of damp floors. Rotate stock and use flap discs on a first in, first out basis.

    Grinding discs fare best for heavy stock removal and roughing, while flap discs are best for light material removal and for smoother nicer finishes. Flap discs also have a little bit of “give” so they’ll leave more of a molded or rounded surface when rounding off edges. On the other hand, when it comes to removing rust or other heavy coating, flap disks will fill up and stop working nearly as well, while a grinding disc will keep going.

    Flap discs are designed to provide a longer life than regular resin fiber sanding discs. As the discs wear down, a slight increase in pressure on the work surface will create new cutting surfaces. Flap discs can be used all the way down to the fiber backing in most cases.

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