4.5″ 115mm Metal Grinding Discs


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4.5" 115mm Grinding Disc Wheel
4.5" 115mm Grinding Disc Wheel
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Box 5$4.39
Box 10$3.00
Box 25$1.80
Box 50$1.58
Box 100$1.50
  • 115mm x 6.4mm x 22.23mm
  • Excellent for grinding all steel and metal
  • Australian Certified by SAI Global
  • FAQs
    Grinding Discs

    An angle grinder must never be used without its safety guard under any circumstances. The guard is there to protect the user from fragments should a cutting or grinding wheel shatter or explode. There are many reasons why a cutting or grinding wheel, even if it is the correct size for that sized angle grinder may fail during use, and as such making sure the guard is never removed is critical to user safety. Accidents through the misuse of angle grinders injure and kill more people than any other power tool in Australia, and ensuring safety guards are kept in place while the tool is in use goes a long way towards preventing injury or death to Australian workers.

    Different sizes tools eg. angle grinders, run at different speeds. For example, a 125mm 5″ angle grinder runs at almost twice the speed of a 230mm 9″ angle grinder. All bonded abrasive wheels such as cutting and grinding wheels will explode through centrifugal force if they are run at a speed higher than what they are rated at. Accidents through the misuse of angle grinders injure and kill more people than any other power tool in Australia.


    Size of Disc Maximum RPMs
    3”, 75mm 21,800rpm
    4”, 100mm 15,200rpm
    4.5”, 115mm 13,600rpm
    5”, 125mm 12,250rpm
    7”, 180mm 8,500rpm
    9”, 230mm 6,500rpm

    Best for grinding mild steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, high speed steel, malleable iron, wrought iron, and bronzes and similar metals. For grinding stainless steel it is best to use zirconia flap discs.

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