3″ 75mm NO HOLE – Hook & Loop Velcro Sanding Discs | Orbital Sander


9" 225mm NO HOLE Hook Loop Velcro Sanding Discs
Box 25$0.80
Box 50$0.50
Box 100$0.40
Box 200$0.30
  • Choose from 11 grits
  • Ideal for auto-work, paint removal
  • Prevents clogging
  • FAQs
    Hook and Loop Velcro Sanding Discs

    The grit chosen depends on the job you need the orbital pad for. The grit of a piece of sandpaper refers to the quantity of abrasive units per square inch on the sanding disc. The low number of 60 indicates that there are not very many abrasive grains compared to the high number of 3,000. If there are a high number of units on the disc, the result will be very refined. However, more does not mean that the result will be better. It just depends on the project and the stage of completion.



    60 to 80 Extremely coarse sandpaper that is good for grinding rust from metals.
    120 to 150 These disks have a strong impact and remove surface debris quickly.
    220 to 320 The medium-grade sanding disks remove surface debris at a moderate pace.
    1,200 to 2,000 These extremely fine surfaces are excellent for finishing work.

    The holes in the orbital pads allow the sander to suck away the sawdust and throw it in the dust collection bag or chamber. If this does not occur, then dust gets trapped under the sander disk and keeps it from sanding efficiently. The hole configurations of the discs are standardised to suit the hole configuration on most mainstream orbital sanders ie a 125mm 5″ disc sander will usually have an 8 hole configuration. The presence or absence of any holes on the disk must be compatible with the sanding machine that you are using.

    Hook-and-loop sandpaper is similar to Velcro™ with the rough side called hook, and the softer side called loop. The “Loop” is on the backing of the sandpaper, whether that backing is paper, film, cloth or mesh. The “Hook” is on the back-up pad of an orbital or random orbital sander or the faceplate of a disc sander. These hooks and loops are used to attach the sandpaper to a machine such as a random orbital sander or disc sander. This makes it very simple to change the sandpaper.  The Velcro keeps them secure and once positioned, they don’t move easily.

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